Attitudes To Be

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The “Beatitude Attitudes,” are so critical that Jesus spends the rest of his Sermon unpacking them. Possessing and practicing these Christ-like qualities propagates every good life quality God intend for us. One can hardly imagine a more succinct description of a Jesus-shaped life.

Let’s imagine these eight attitudes as portals through which we enter, enjoy, and practice the principles of Jesus’ teaching. Each attitude is one of eight doors that lead to a room full of the King’s treasures. He begins with them, not in order to warm us up for the message. Instead, they’re doors through we lean into and live the message.

If we try to enter the teaching any other way, the best we can expect is to peer over the wall and speculate about what Jesus wants. All we can do is observe the Sermon from afar as rules to obey instead of as a rule of life. We can read his words, analyze them, and dissect them, but we can’t live them if we fail to enter through these eight portals.

These are excerpts from a book I hope to publish in the near future on the Sermon on the Mount called: What In The World? Some Moral, Social, and Politically Disruptive Implications of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

As such, I’d appreciate your feedback on this post and others to come in order to make the final copy publish-worthy.

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