Can Christians Support Donald Trump Without Risk to Their Witness?

I posted this in 2019, before both of his impeachments, January 6, 2021, and all the other outrageous actions by our former president.

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The short answer to the question above, in my view is “NO!” Chris Buskirk disagrees. In his article on the “American Greatness” site he challenges editorials by husband and wife: David and Nancy French of the National Review and the Washington Post respectively, wherein they posit that our testimony is indeed compromised by those who support Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Along with the Frenches I believe that our Christian testimony has been co-opted by party over purity, and has been compromised if not shredded, and repairs are needed––and fast.

“Nobody’s perfect.” It’s a common refrain for the Donald Trump mulligan-mantra. I suppose you might call it “imperfection” when a man who marries one woman, has an affair, marries his mistress, marries a third woman, has an affair with a porn star while that third woman is pregnant with his child, and then pays her off to keep quiet! “So what?” they…

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2 Replies to “Can Christians Support Donald Trump Without Risk to Their Witness?”

  1. Hi Barney, seems like your back on the Donald Trump bashing again. Your most likely correct with the post and I wish another republicans would step up and run against him. I wish you would be fair and just aggressive on president Biden who fully supports abortion. Just think of all the babies aborted on his his watch. I often wonder way you never speak about this issue. You might have trouble talking with your granddaughter about how our president supports killing babies. Please keep up the post and be a little more fair.


    1. Thanks Howard for your comments. So glad you stick around in spite of our differences on these matters.

      I totally agree with you about a couple things. First, I sooo wish more (and better) Republicans had the courage to run against Trump. The ones who are so far in the race, in my opinion are not worthy of the office. Second, I am with you on President Biden’s view and policies on abortion. I pray for him regularly to change his mind.

      As far as my “Trump bashing,“ you might have noticed that I did very little to none of it after he was out of office until he announced his run for 2024. But now that he’s running again, and up to his same old amoral self and tactics I feel morally obligated to warn my Christian audience to withdraw their support of this terrible individual for the sake of the country and the testimony of the Church.

      It’s true, I seldom weigh in on the abortion issue as there is no shortage of Christians speaking out in the media and social media on it every day. When I do write on the topic, I usually address what most Christians don’t take time to think through and that is a consistently “pro-life” ethic from cradle to crypt. Not to mention that Roe v Wade is has now been struck down, which, which along with a conservative majority Supreme Court, has been the focus of conservatives for 50 years.

      Fifty percent of women seeking abortions today are living below the poverty line, and another 25 percent have low incomes that are barely above it. Sixty percent are already mothers of at least one child. They are often struggling to deal with unstable crisis situations that make it difficult for them to welcome another child into their homes without assistance.

      Therefore, the kinds of things I write and advocate for the saving of babies are these:

      1. Subsidize pre-and postnatal care. Having a baby is expensive. In Arkansas, the average hospital delivery costs about $15,000, right around the national average. Mothers and families should not incur medical debt or drain their savings in exchange for bringing a child into the world.

      2. Expand and reform the Child Tax Credit. The Biden administration’s temporary expansion and transformation of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) in last year’s pandemic relief package was the biggest tangible boon to American families in decades.

      3. Incentivize and streamline domestic adoptions. There are hundreds of thousands of children in the American foster care system. Adoption is often expensive and complicated. The government should prioritize policies making it easier for people to adopt domestically, while maintaining and strengthening processes that protect and safeguard children. Tax credits, allowances, and the like could make adoption a reality for more people.

      4. We need more and better funded crisis pregnancy centers. Churches should do much more to advocate and provide for women in crisis pregnancies. Sitting around and complaining about abortion laws isn’t and never has been very productive.

      Here are three of my posts on a consistent pro-life view and Trump:

      “The Danger of Donald Trump” (Part 3)

      Are We Ready for the End of Roe?

      Love you, brother.


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